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Rescue Reiki - Situational Healing

Rescue Reiki - Situational Healing

35 GBP21 GBP
Using Reiki symbols, a crystal grid, candles, affirmations and your own description of the issues, I will send Master Reiki Energy Healing to a situation, event or place.
This listing is not intended for any health issues.
Reiki works across distance and time.
I will ask you to share with me an outline of the current situation or event past or future that is causing concern. For your crystal grid I will use either universal healing crystals or specific crystals which fit the situation.
This is a really flexible service, the timescale will be whatever the situation needs and it can help in so many ways. Just let me know what you want to work on, and we will set it up together.

This type of healing is often beneficial for assisting with clarity and calm while events unfold. It can also give a boost to teamwork or family harmony for a tricky or emotional upcoming event or period of time.

Recent feedback:

"The Wedding went off smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves, most importantly my daughter and her new husband. I felt calm and happy throughout and my ex was polite and friendly, even when no-one was listening. I can't thank you enough."JD

"I have just heard from the legal team, and the house sale is now going through! I don't know whether the Reiki unblocked the process, or just kept me calm, but either way we're moving next month woohoo! Thanks a million for all your efforts!" JMN