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Light of Forgiveness Reiki

Light of Forgiveness Reiki

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The distant Light of Forgiveness Reiki Attunement aims to help heal and cleanse you of old emotional wounds, hurts, wrongs or issues that are causing a lack of love, of the self or others.

By releasing and forgiving, you no longer hold on to what is keeping you stuck or bound. You may feel freer and better able to move forward.

Forgiveness is essential for maintaining our energetic body and emotions. It is very hard to do, but has huge benefits if done daily.

If you are ill or unwell you musst firt seek proper medical care.
An open heart and commitment to self-growth and enmpowerment
Some quiet times to receive and practice the energies

Aims to support forgiveness
Healing and cleansing of past hurts
Release bitter memories
Support to Heal relationships
If you are attuned to Reiki at Master level you may pass this energy on to others

Digital download of original manual
Email support before, during and after the attunement
Attunement at a time to suit you or prepared as a Chi Ball for your convenience
Certificate and Lieage by email

Please feel free to contact me for more information.