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Financial Fear Flush Attunement

Financial Fear Flush Attunement

10 GBP

It is hard to break the cycle of fear around Money Issues. This means we are sending out fearful and negative vibes around money and giving mixed messages to the Universe. For this reason I’m delighted to add this attunement to my services. It’s so hard to get rid of the fear and into the flow. This has helped me and I know it can help you too.


Financial Fear Flush Empowerment was channelled by Mariah Windsong.


This system has been designed with the intentions of helping you to specifically target any fears that you might have about your financial well being. Financial Fear is something that we all suffer with at some stage within our lives. The Financial Fear Flush is great system that you can now use whenever you notice a worry, concern or fear about money pass through your mind. It is important to flush away the fears that cause money to drain away.


When you fear that you don’t have enough money, even the money you have seems to disappear before it has done all that it needed to for you. Once your fears about money and your financial situation have been flushed away your confidence about your financial matters will build and be secure.


With your purchase you will receive:


·       The Financial Fear Flush manual by email.  This includes instructions for using this energy and passing the attunements on to others.

·       Your distant attunement will then be sent to you using the  (Chi Ball) method.

·       This means that the attunement will be set up for you to call in at any time and date you choose.

·       Real time distant attunement is available if you prefer.

·       Certificate

·       I will email you to let you know your attunement is ready.

·       Full email support will be given before, during and after your attunement.