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Chaos Flush Energy Attunement

Chaos Flush Energy Attunement

16 GBP
The Chaos Flush energy system flushes away chaotic energies and restores your energy fields to their usual well structured configuration.

When you are near people whose lives are in chaos or who seem to stir up chaos energies naturally, your own energy fields may take on some of these energies. This is also the case when you spend time in chaotic places and environments.

The Chaos Flush energy system works very quickly, thoroughly flushing away chaotic energies that may have collected in your energy fields. Any chaos energies from other people that you may have been near or walked through could have disturbed your energy fields, which may last hours or even days. The Chaos Flush can also be used before or after spending time with chaotic people or spending time in chaotic places. Your instruction manual will explain how to instantly activate the flush whenever you need it.

During periods of Mercury Retrograde it can be particularly helpful!


- Original Chaos Flush manual via email.
- 1 distant attunement sent to you on an arranged day.
- Certificate with lineage and signature via email.
- Full training and support before, during and after the course via email.

I am a Reiki master and have been practising Reiki for over 12 years. Of all the attunements I have received this is one of the most powerful and easy to use. I am so excited by it and I can't wait to share it with you.