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14 Days Reiki Distance Healing

14 Days Reiki Distance Healing

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THIS HEALING IS IDEAL FOR: Support during a busy or stressful period; when you just can't shake off that cough or cold; an extra boost during exams; to help you get your mojo back when just feeling a bit off.

I am a Reiki Master with over 12 years experience of using Reiki and Crystals. I follow Usui Reiki but with the added energy of crystals and I am always helped by my Reiki guides and Angels.

This service provides a continuous gentle flow for 14 days of distant Reiki using a crystal grid.

For each individual a new grid is programmed with crystals and using Reiki, mandalas and sacred geometry. I use a period of self-Reiki healing and meditation to determine which stones, mandala or grid should be used. These will generally be universal healers such as clear quartz and amethyst.

I cleanse and charge the master stone and the grid stones and then using a crystal wand or point I activate the grid and use Reiki symbols, including the distance and master symbol, to programme the grid to send a gentle flow of Reiki to the recipient I ask my Reiki guides to help and set my intention that the Reiki will be sent for your highest good.

I spend a few minutes connecting with the recipient through Reiki and introduce them to my guides before adding their name and details to the grid. I re-charge and programme the grid several times each day.

When purchasing this healing, I will contact you to request the name and date of birth of the recipient and always let you know the date and time the healing will start and finish.